Intruder Systems






Domestic Intruder Alarms

We know how important your home is to you, and our job is to help you protect it.   An Intruder Alarm System will protect you, your family and property by detecting attempted intrusions while you are away, or at remote parts of the property while you are asleep at night.

DS Securities install and maintain Intruder Alarm and CCTV systems, including wireless and GSM solutions, which operate over mobile telephone networks.  We provide a full range of equipment that can also be integrated with your Building Management systems, as well as 24/7 remote monitoring services for added peace of mind.  Whatever your needs and budget, DS Securities will deliver the solution

We constantly review and assess the latest products and methods to ensure we can always make recommendations for an optimum solution for your individual needs, matching your budget to an appropriate system.   All installation work is carried out to the highest standards with attention to detail and respect for your home, to provide you with real peace-of-mind.

We install and maintain Intruder and CCTV equipment from all of the following manufacturers: