Business Monitoring Services

DS Securities offers remote monitoring of all security, fire and access systems through our central station, to give you peace of mind that your property is protected even when you are not there.  We offer a full range of simple and intuitive solutions to suit all budgets and tastes, including providing you with the option to view monitored areas via your smart phone or tablet. We cover the following areas:

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

A security system that is remote-monitored 24/7 provides round the clock protection of property that cannot be matched by any audible alarm system, and provides added peace of mind for property and business owners, especially when the premises are unattended.

Upon receiving an alarm activation, our operatives will take the required action, for example sending an alert direct to the nominated keyholders, or by making an emergency call direct to the local Police. Receive a fast response to an activated alarm, minimising the chances of loss or damage through swift response by local emergency services.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

All businesses have people and assets that need protection and particularly those that need to provide continuity with products and services. Enhancing a fire system to include remote monitoring can reduce the risk of losing a business to fire, as well as helping meet insurance requirements.  Prioritising fire signals for swift response and linking these signals direct with command and control centres ensures that emergency services can be dispatched without delay.

CCTV Monitoring

If your premises are covered by CCTV, we can provide various levels of remote monitoring services, from simple off-site recording of footage to 24/7 real-time visual surveillance.    As well as providing added protection for your staff and property, this provides an ?? deterrent on site for staff and intruders. Our services work in conjunction with your installed security systems for maximum protection, and provide visual verification of what is happening at your site whilst maintaining a permanent record for evidential purposes in the event of any incident occurring.

Telecare Systems

We also provide active monitoring to care facilities, such as residential homes and assisted-living complexes, enabling vulnerable members of the community within their own homes by the use of pendant alarms, and respond instantly to signals from such alarms. This helps the elderly and disabled to maintain their independence, whilst providing reassurance to their close relatives that they are just a button push away from emergency assistance when required.

Additional Monitoring Services

We can install technology at your premises to monitor a variety of items, and if they fail, or trigger, we know about it immediately and can take action to fix the problem. For example, alarm and control systems can be configured to accommodate Panic Buttons at reception points, Lone-man Working Alarms for remote workers, Power Failure, Air-conditioning Failure and Flood alarm signals.

We can also monitor moisture levels in swimming pools, temperature levels in Server rooms, whether a power supply is present for freezers, and anything else your business needs to be constantly aware of. We can even open and close gates and barriers remotely, talk to and authorise entry for visitors. This is especially useful for remote unoccupied sites as it saves issuing keys or codes plus provides an auditible trail of the actual visit.