Intruder Alarms




Intruder Alarm Systems

According to numerous Police studies over the years, a professionally-fitted and maintained intruder alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of house burglary or invasion.

DS Securities offers a complete range of Intruder Alarm systems designed to meet any installation requirement for the residential market.   We offer a full range of simple and intuitive solutions to suit all budgets and tastes.

All systems work on the basis of a number of sensors placed around the property which send signals to a central control unit when activated.   The detectors range from proximity switches on doors and windows that are activated by the simple opening of the entrance they are attached to, to motion detectors that can detect movement or sound within the area they are set to monitor.   Detectors can be hard-wired to the central control unit, with the wires concealed in the building structure on installation, or connected wirelessly utilising various technologies from simple radio signals to GSM Mobile Phone equipment.

The central control unit can be configured to generate an audible warning, usually bells or a loud siren, and/or send a signal to a remote monitoring service who can be instructed to telephone the keyholder or transmit a call for local Police attendance. The alarm is set using a keypad installed internally adjacent to the main entrance point.   Additional facilities can be also be added to systems, such as Panic Alarm, Power Failure, and Flood Alarm signals.

All of our Intruder equipment can be integrated with your CCTV, Building Management or Access Control Systems for added peace of mind.

We install and maintain Intruder Alarm System equipment from all of the following manufacturers: