Home CCTV Systems

Although commonplace in public places, CCTV has become an increasingly-popular deterrence choice by security-conscious homeowners.  

DS Securities offers a complete range of CCTV systems designed to meet any installation requirement for the residential market.   We offer a full range of simple and intuitive solutions to suit all budgets and tastes.  Cameras can be installed in a standalone format simply direct-wired to an internal monitor, or integrated as part of a more sophisticated home security system.

The greatest advance in home CCTV in recent years has been the miniaturisation of digital cameras to make them much less obtrusive, whilst incorporating the latest LED infra-red lighting technology for maximum reliability and image quality. Other options include cameras incorporating video motion detection, which can also trigger email or text notification when cameras are activated.

Images can be digitally-transmitted to your computer, tablet or a mobile phone app, thus eliminating the need for dedicated monitors, and allowing you to monitor your property while you are away from home – even when travelling overseas.  Archive footage can be stored on your computer’s hard drive, or sent to the cloud, again eliminating the need for dedicated recording equipment. As your chosen CCTV specialist we will also ensure that your system complies with the latest Data Protection and Human Rights legislation.

We install and maintain CCTV equipment from all of the following manufacturers: