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Home Access Automation Systems

With more people requiring greater privacy and security, control of access to a property improves both peace of mind and convenience. So whether you require more secure entrance control, or just a convenient way of keeping pets safe within the property, automation can be the most cost-effective solution.

Gate automation enhances the entrance to any property. Not only does it make life much more convenient but it increases the potential value of the property. In addition, electrically automated gates have irreversibly geared motors making them an excellent burglar deterrent.

With an automated garage door you can say goodbye to the inconvenience on arriving home in the pouring rain and having to leave your car to open it.   When it’s dark, this direct route affords you greater safety and security, and the door will automatically latch on closing, making it impossible to lever it open.

DS Securities offers a complete range of automation systems designed to meet any installation requirement for the residential market, and to suit all budgets and tastes.   Our automation systems provide high levels of security and can be operated by control pads or recognition systems, allowing ease of use of swing gates, slide gates and most types of door.

There are two main types of gate automation for residential applications utilising either above or below ground mechanisms.   Above-ground equipment is either mounted on the gate itself, or in a freestanding cabinet to the side. Below-ground gate operators, as the name suggests, are buried beneath the gate, and provide a more discrete installation.   With each type, the gates lock in the open and closed position from the action of the gate operator itself. A manual release is provided to open the gates in the event of a power failure or other emergency. All gate operators are fully compliant with the latest regulations and offer reliability and safety for any busy household.

We also provide GSM mobile or landline technology for locations where a hard-wired entry system cannot be installed. Our systems can be integrated with your Entry, CCTV or Intruder Alarm systems.  Whatever your needs and budget, DS Securities will deliver the solution

We install and maintain Entry Control System equipment from all of the following manufacturers: