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Entry Systems

Video and Audio Door Entry Systems provide you and your family with a secure means of admission to visitors to your home.

DS Securities offers a complete range of door entry systems designed to meet any installation requirement for the residential market.   We offer a full range of simple and intuitive solutions to suit all budgets and tastes.

Internal units range from elegant single telephone-style audio points to the very latest in touchscreen technology that can be integrated into your home automation system.  External entry panels are available to complement the exterior of any building, combining the highest level of flexibility and superlative performance, as well as encompassing the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) to improve access for all.

We also provide GSM mobile or landline technology for locations where a hard-wired door entry system cannot be installed. Telephone-based technology is ideal where there is a large distance between a gated entrance and the main building, allowing the external entry panel to be configured to call a conventional or mobile phone.

We install and maintain Entry Control System equipment from all of the following manufacturers: