Access Control Systems





Access Control Systems

DS Securities offers a complete range of Access Control Systems designed to meet any installation requirement for the commercial market, and protect you, your staff, property and data by controlling who comes into your premises, when, and what areas they are allowed to gain entry to.  These systems can be manually-controlled, or have varying degrees of automation to suit the individual requirements of your business.  They can also be expanded to cover multiple sites, if you have staff who need to move between locations during the working day.

The simplest form of entry control is a standalone audio-call system linked from the chosen access point to your reception area, with a remote release switch that enables authorised staff to release a door lock or raise a barrier once the visitor’s identity has been confirmed.  Adding a video link to this type of system raises the level of security by enabling the authorised person to visually check the access area before entry is authorised.

When there are multiple access points to control, or areas with different levels of security within the premises, Keyless Entry Systems can be used controlled through key fobs or swipe-cards issued to individual staff.   Each card can be programmed to contain different levels of staff data and access permissions, all controlled from a central network point, enabling access to be changed, or even revoked, via a few keystrokes.   We also provide software which allows staff to utilise their own smartphone instead of a swipe card.

Keyless systems can be further expanded to centrally record access events and times to enable attendance monitoring or pinpointing an employee’s location within a building to produce a roll call list in the case of an emergency evacuation, or fulfilling other specific health & safety criteria.  They can also be integrated with CCTV systems to record images of events; for example a snapshot can be taken every time a person ‘swipes’ through a door, providing an irrefutable record in the event of incident investigation.

Further additions can include the provision of Cashless Vending or Biometric Solutions, such as voice or fingerprint recognition, which are becoming more cost-effective.  We also provide GSM mobile technology for locations where a hard-wired system cannot be installed, such as on construction sites, as well as encompassing the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) to improve access for all.

We can design, supply, install, commission, certificate and maintain the perfect solution for your particular busines, as well as provide 24/7 remote monitoring services.   All installation work is carried out to the highest standards with attention to detail and respect for your premises, to provide you with real peace-of-mind.

We constantly review and assess the latest products and methods to ensure we can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your particular needs and make sure you are aware of all options, and will always make recommendations for an optimum solution for your individual needs, matching your budget to an appropriate system.

We install and maintain Access Control equipment from all of the following manufacturers: